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Monthly Real Food Budget

This page is a work in progress. Here, I’ll be attempting to outline our monthly food budget as it evolves, and eventually, I’ll work on whittling it down while remaining within the parameters listed under ‘Fundamentals.’

Here is our beginning budget:

$45 weekly for organic produce (home delivery company) – this includes a basic box of assorted veggies, which is $35, plus an extra fruit supplement for $10

$12 for milk bi-weekly ($2/litre, farm-run every two weeks)

$9 for milk weekly ($3/litre, pick-up close to home) (substantial gas savings!)

$200 per month for oil, grain, misc. pantry items, and specialty produce not contained in the weekly box

The meat budget is not as easy to pin down. It is a work in progress. Since the summer, we’ve spent $310 $620 on chickens (including livers, hearts and feet), $200 on grass-fed beef, and $100 $350 on sausage, pork, ham and bacon. We’ll see how long that lasts!! As of November 10, our freezer is full to the brim with meat. As of December 13, we still have a considerable amount of meat.

My new plan for this page is to track our entire meat consumption for one month by the dollar amount. So, even if something is already in my freezer, I will take its cost into consideration to come up with a monthly meat budget estimate. Details to follow when I decide which month I will complete this task!

I would like to set a weekly fish budget for fresh fish on Fridays. Details to follow once I work this out.

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