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When I say I “follow the teachings of the Weston A. Price Foundation in my home,” what do I mean? I mean:

  • Attempting to pack as much nutritional punch as possible into every morsel we consume;
  • Attempting to avoid the ‘nasties’ such as white flour, white sugar, soy, refined (man-made) oils, and processed foods which are laden not only with these, but also with toxins like aspartame, MSG and genetically modified abominations;
  • Focusing on increasing our consumption of fat-soluble vitamins A and D;
  • Eating food the way it is in its most natural state – just the way God intended – including raw milk, butter, cheese, and meat with the fat on it;
  • Eating enzyme-rich raw and fermented foods as much as possible, but cooking things as required  for optimal nutrient accessibility, and preparing things using traditional, time-tested methods.

Check out my food philosophy for more details!

Please check out the Weston Price Foundation’s website linked above, if you have not already. You may find it changes your life as it did mine!

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