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Where to Begin?

August 18, 2011

Sometimes, life takes a few turns, and suddenly you log into your blog’s admin page, and find that you don’t even know your way around anymore. While my blog has been silent for a while, life has been loud, and large, and full of food-related discoveries and experiments – just not so full of time to write, sadly. I’ve followed a lot of blogs that have had a sustained hiatus – the burning passion for a particular topic can ebb and flow, but daily life takes over, and new discoveries become second nature. Would I ever eat unsoaked oatmeal? No (unless I was someone’s guest). Chicken from the grocery store? Nope. Canola oil? Never (here’s why). But weeks will pass before I consciously think about these things.

What keeps me occupied in the meantime?

  • Food sourcing is a year-round affair in this household. Shortly after my last post, I got a group of people together to establish enough shares in a local farm’s veggie CSA so that we could have a local delivery spot (and by local, I mean walk to get the veg with girl-in-wagon – close). So, we paid for our full share in March, and have been getting so much veg each week we’re scratching our heads about how to eat it all, and spending evenings processing veg to preserve.
  • 30 chickens in the freezer at this point + half a side of beef ready next week + side of pork (whole hog if we’re lucky) ready in the fall = had to borrow an extra freezer from my parents, and stretch the budget thin now so that meat won’t be part of the budget at all in months to come.
  • Picking up a gallon of raw local wildflower honey this Sunday.
  • A growing, changing, smart little girl called Naomi. She now has over 60 words at last count (some more obvious than others), and largely chooses running over walking. Drinks about a litre of raw milk every day, and eats 2 pastured eggs cooked in lots of high quality butter every morning, with gusto. Takes her fermented cod liver oil straight after a lump of coconut oil to coat the mouth and throat a little. Likes her veg so long as they are prepared with butter and garlic (yes, a connoisseur, I know).
  • A job. Did I really leave that to last on the list? Yes, I am a working mama, and there is a SuperDad who stays home with the girl. If you add my almost full time job to my part time job and my studying for my licensing examinations, you end up with slightly more than a full time job in hours, but lots of flexibility and enjoyment.

So things are busy, and different than they were back in March, but change is good, and necessary.

Blog Plans

  • Some fermented projects coming ‘atcha post-blog-silence. I mentioned the fermentation hadn’t stopped, right? So watch out for some updates. Goal: a fermented condiment with EVERY MEAL of the day.
  • Some guest posts/recipes from the SuperDad. Did I mention that he is a chef at heart? Me, not so much. Let’s talk all night about food, and spend hours sourcing it and philosophizing, but seriously, can someone else do the lion’s share of the actual cooking?? I jest a little, but it’s true. I like to cook, and enjoy the satisfaction of making sure my family is well fed, but a passionate, creative force in the kitchen I am not. He is. The man will spend an hour researching a marinade for his 1 year old daughter’s lunch salmon. And he still gets the laundry done :) Don’t send any virtual slaps my way – I know I have a good thing going :)
  • A kitchen tour post. Wanna see what’s in my pantry? Freezer(s)? Fridge? No? Oh, ok. Nevermind    :)
  • A few new book reviews. Heard of epigenetics? Get over to Underground Wellness and read up soon. I did, and I read some more on the subject, and colour me fascinated. I may not have had much time to write recently, but I always have time to read.
  • Remember when I said we hope to some day live on some land so we can grow some food? Yeah. That dream got a bit bigger. I plan to share the details in a dedicated post soon.
  • I also have some other projects percolating that I will share in due time.

In the meantime, thanks for coming back! I’ve missed you.


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  1. Sue S. permalink
    August 18, 2011 11:42 pm

    I had just forwarded a link to your blog to a friend of mine who is just starting her fermenting journey, and I thought, I haven’t received a post in a while, maybe I’m not signed up anymore? And then this came into my inbox! You sound very busy in a good way! Where did you order your beef from? We are looking at getting a meat order.

    • August 18, 2011 11:54 pm

      Thanks for the forward, Sue! :)

      I like to order beef from this farm, but have ordered it from other farms in the area in the past too. This particular farm takes orders waaaaay in advance, so you could get on the list and then look for another more immediate source in the meantime. I can’t wait for the order to be ready!! I will try to dig around for names of other grass fed beef farms. I still have plans to add a local resources page in the future. To buy individual cuts of grass fed beef in Ottawa, I go to Saslove’s in Westboro.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • Sue Schieman permalink
        August 19, 2011 11:05 am

        The link doesn’t seem to be working, perhaps you can email me the link?

      • Sue S. permalink
        August 19, 2011 11:57 pm

        Oh, I got it, nevermind : )

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