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New Year on the Counter

January 3, 2011

After more than enough junk food on our travels over the holidays, it’s back to reality, and back to the kitchen. It’s also time to check in with my real food journey goals which inspired the creation of this blog in the first place, so I can plan to reach them (or work towards them) this year, within the budget.

Here is the original list from back in September when I started this blog (original post here), with updates in red:

  • Obtaining a grain mill of some sort and starting to sprout, dehydrate and grind flour, and bake fresh bread every week – procrastination reason: the $$$ necessary to shell out for a grain grinder…..or do I just buy the vita-mix I’ve always wanted? This spoiled mama was gifted a vita-mix by her own mama & papa for Christmas (thanks!!). Full steam ahead on this goal and the next!!
  • Soaking some of said flour for Sarah the Healthy Home Economist‘s healthy cold breakfast cereal
  • Getting into regularly making beef stock (already have the materials, just have to do it!) – procrastination reason: hate the smell of it boiling. Still have not made any beef stock, and still need to. No excuse!!
  • Adding fermented veggies and condiments into our daily fare (made the whey, now just need the time to shop for the specifics and put it together). I’m doing well on this, and excited to continue my Urban Fermentation Project. Results of the poll I conducted will be posted soon (votes will still be accepted until the last moment!).
  • Try milk and water kefir (grains in fridge, just need to give it a try!). This ties into the same project above.
  • Try villi yogurt (culture on order now!). I tried making Viili yogurt this fall and didn’t really enjoy the texture. I may give it another try since it ferments at room temperature, which is very convenient. If there is interest, I will post a review.
  • Incorporate a grass-fed beef liver dish into our weekly menu (a lofty goal, for sure, as I can’t even tolerate the taste enough to eat it once a month!). This challenge is on. I have been taught how to properly cook liver, so now the task becomes to practice and fine-tune this important component of our diet.
  • Try making some of the snacks in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, including crispy nuts – procrastination reason: haven’t had an oven thus far that could operate on such a low setting…no excuse anymore as I think my new one will. Actually, my new oven does not operate on such a low setting as I had hoped. Fortunately, however, I was spoiled also by my mother-in-law, who gifted me a dehydrator! So, I can make my own crispy nuts, sprouted nut butters, and dry the herbs I plan to grow in the summer (among other things!).
  • Start making homemade ice cream (I plan to use my Vita-Mix for this).
  • Start doubling recipes I make, and freezing extra portions for quick meals. Yes!! I still never seem to remember to do this.
  • If I get that vita-mix, make my own sprouted nut butters, and juices, and make healthy homemade jello! I forgot about the jello I can make with my freshly pressed juices! Bonus.
  • Find a way to take the FCLO in liquid form (wimpy capsules are expensive!). Done. I take it by straw in a shot glass of OJ. Works for me!
  • Freeze small portions for food for fast meals/snacks for Naomi so we never feel tempted to give her a cracker. Done. Have never felt tempted to give her a cracker, and an update on her daily fare is coming soon! I can hardly believe it, but my baby is nine months old tomorrow. She pulled herself up into a standing position today. Just…wow.

These aren’t really resolutions, but they are certainly goals just as resolutions are. I am submitting this post to the Nourishing Resolutions Carnival over at the Nourishing Gourmet – go on over there and check it out!! I’m also linking up with Monday Mania.

What are your real-food goals for 2011? Not sure where to start? I recommend starting with changing the fats you use in your kitchen. See Sarah’s post on this topic here.

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  1. January 3, 2011 11:37 pm

    Thanks for the updates! Gifts from family are great, aren’t they? Especially when the gifters really know you! I got an upright freezer from my MIL this Christmas… YAY!

    I would love to know more about the Villi Yogurt and how you are preparing the liver.


    • January 7, 2011 10:56 pm

      Hi Jackie,

      Upright freezer…amazing. I have to figure out some additional freezer space this summer myself :)

      I will make a note to share about both the yogurt and the liver!! Thanks for your interest,


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