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Sauerkraut: Part Deux

November 30, 2010

I posted here about my troubles with my first brew of sauerkraut, promising a taste test review of the second batch.

Voila review.

Sauerkraut is so very interesting. In Nourishing Traditions, one of the side-bars describes that Captain Cook took 60 barrels of it to sea for his round-the-world journey, and it lasted 27 months in barrels that weathered various climate changes and incessant rocking. No one on his crew developed scurvy thanks to the kraut. Vitamin C abounds in this pickled wonder!

Drumroll, please. I now give you the official review:

Experiment Wrap-Up:

Rating: Thumbs-Up (but not two thumbs, and not very high in the air)

Simplicity: 2 (you need some muscle to pound the cabbage well enough to draw out the water – I had a nicely muscled friend do this for me ;)

(1 being “a monkey could do it”; 5 being challenging)

Notes on Taste: Not very ripe yet! This brew needs more time to develop. I will write another review once it’s been pickling for a couple of months. It’s totally edible, and certainly doesn’t taste bad, it just tastes like ‘potential.’ I also personally feel that it could use some garlic. Variation #2 will definitely involve some minced garlic.

Questions/Hesitations: This brew needs time and possible spicing intervention. Does anyone out there have a recipe for a more interesting flavour? If so, please share some link love!!

One other interesting point: see the bluish jar at the left in my header photo? That’s my freshly created first batch of kraut. In both batches, we mixed purple and white cabbage, and at first the juices are blue/indigo, but once the fermentation progresses, it turns vibrant pinkish-red.

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