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Kitchen Update

November 8, 2010

Well. My kitchen is in working order again. So, I can now seriously begin to revisit my list of things to tackle this Fall in my kitchen.

Something occurred to me this morning, and I’m not sure what to make of it, or if I am alone in this, but I find it much easier to devote time to the procurement part of this journey than to the experimentation/implementation part. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to send a few emails and inquire about a product or a farm, or maybe it’s because I’m finding it hard to have any inspiration in the kitchen lately because of the sleep issues we’ve been having with Naomi, but really, the reason doesn’t matter.

I need to get going on my list of Fall projects in the kitchen.

I know what I need to do first: get back into weekly menu planning. This will likely best work out on Fridays since that’s the day I get my bin of organic produce every week, but I’ll do this now so I can have an idea of what projects might fit in here this week. If any :)

So. Menu.


B: Soaked oats with fresh blueberries, coconut oil, sliced banana, cinnamon

L: Pork and vegetable stir-fry (leftover pork, bok choy, zucchini, spinach, onion and carrots)

D: On my own, so leftovers from lunch

To Do: Go to the meat market, get grass-fed beef and nitrate free organic bacon, pick up large cloth diapers too


B: Eggs and sliced oranges

L: Salad with fish (tinned) on top

D: Meatballs, squash, tomato sauce


B: Yogurt breakfast: yogurt, blueberries or apple or banana, nuts

L: Leftover dinner

D: Mashed sweet potato with butter, grass-fed beef roast with carrots in the pot

To Do: Order milk for Sunday


B: Soaked oats with usual fixings

L: Leftovers

D: Fish stew with homemade fish stock (buy fresh fish this morning)


B: Bacon and eggs

L: Salad and fish stew

D: (ask M what he wants) – cook a squash


B: Soaked oats

L: Leftovers

D: Roast chicken, squash, salad

To Do: Milk run at 2:00.

Making a menu makes me feel so much more in control of my week. I love peeking at other peoples’ menus too! Now I just have to print this and stick it on my fridge for accountability (and to jog my very poor memory). Goodnight!

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