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September 21, 2010

We’re home from our trip. As it turned out, Naomi was not over-hungry, but was over-tired. My fears about my milk supply were unfounded. We’ve been nursing just fine ever since I figured out that my poor girl was too tired. I guess her sleep needs adjusted without my realizing it until a few days in.

We always feel fairly ill when we get home from a trip. Eating on the road, lots of desserts, sleep challenges and no down time converge to make us grumpy and starved for home. It’s no different for Naomi. My less-then-stellar choices of food on the road have a direct impact on her, I know, so this week is all about rebuilding. We’re going to be having lots of bone broth and cod liver oil this week for sure! And I will continue to give Naomi an egg yolk each day. Once we’ve been back a couple of weeks I’ll start adding the liver and see how that goes.

My Viili yogurt culture arrived, so making some of that is on the to-do list for the week. Also on the list:

  • Acquiring the large size bummis (cloth diapers) for Naomi so I can get them washed and ready for October. Getting a re-fill of my Nellie’s laundry soap, and finding out if they re-fill the Nellie’s dishwasher soap there too.
  • Making menus and otherwise planning for our No Spend October – we’ve decided that October in our house will be a no-spend month this year. The only allowed spending will be for fresh food (milk, eggs, cheese, produce, meat) and gas for the cars. This means I need to think very carefully about meals and snacks for the month of October.
  • Getting all the laundry done from our trip
  • Starting some homemade purple cabbage saurkraut with my homemade whey
  • Getting a kombucha brew going again
  • Setting up a pick-up for milk and eggs this weekend
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