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First Egg Yolk!

September 14, 2010

Today I decided to go ahead and feed Naomi her first egg yolk. I had planned to wait until we returned from our week-long furlough to the other end of the province for a wedding, but fearing today that Naomi was not getting enough milk, I decided to just give it a try to help her feel more satisfied, perhaps, and I think it worked. At least, she opened her mouth and accepted the morsels of yolk I offered, and wasn’t any fussier than usual later on, so I hope it will sit well with her. Only time will tell, I suppose! So, an egg yolk a day, now, until a few weeks have passed, and then I’ll start adding raw grated liver to it.

Update: The added raw, grated grass-fed beef liver is a hit. Naomi loves her egg yolk so much that she sometimes starts to cry when it’s all gone, even if I have just nursed her before the yolk!! I am also adding a pinch of high quality (unrefined) sea salt now, as per the recommendations here.

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