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“Good-Gums”, and other musings….

September 13, 2010

I ordered some Good-Gums dentifrice powder recently to try out using a tooth powder instead of toothpaste. Why? Because I have read a lot about the poisonous nature of flouride, for one, and also, since I am doing all this work to have a nutrient dense diet, including lots of mineral-rich foods like bone broths, I want my teeth to be able to re-mineralize properly, and I read that the glycerin in toothpaste prevents your saliva from re-mineralizing your teeth. When I get around to it, I’ll post more info about these things, including some references, but for now, I’m just posting because I’m excited that my shipment came (all the way from Miami Beach!). The next thing I’m waiting for in the mail is my Viili yogurt starter, which I’m also excited about.

Other items of progress: ten of our chickens will be processed this week and ready to pick up, with five more (possibly) later in the month; I jarred a big batch of Kombucha today, and tucked the mother and baby into the fridge since we’ll be away for almost a week now; I procured some local clover honey today (presently sampling same on sprouted rye toast with butter….YUM) and some Wilderness Family Naturals mayo (product review to follow!).

I’m also starting to gather the ingredients I need for the meat-based homemade infant formula in Nourishing Traditions. These last few days it has felt like my milk supply might not be adequate, so while I’m certainly not giving up, I’d like to have the ingredients for the formula on hand so everything is here if I’m in a jam. I’m also mulling over making it once Naomi is sitting up for meals, as her drink. I want to solicit some thoughts on that idea. I have the broth in my freezer, as well as the pastured chicken livers, unrefined sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, but I need to acquire acerola powder, bifodobacterium infantis, and lactose still to make it happen. I guess I’ll work on that when we get back next week.

Once I’ve used Good-Gums for about a month or two, I will write my review here. I know, very exciting…:S

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