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Real Food Goals (or…Where We are Headed in our Journey)

September 10, 2010

In the last post, I described where we’re at so far in our real food journey. Today, I want to focus on where we’re headed. I plan to check in with this post from time to time to see how we’re doing, and refocus. Here are the things I would like to tackle this Fall (and into the Winter):

  • Obtaining a grain mill of some sort and starting to sprout, dehydrate and grind flour, and bake fresh bread every week – procrastination reason: the $$$ necessary to shell out for a grain grinder…..or do I just buy the vita-mix I’ve always wanted?
  • Soaking some of said flour for Sarah the Healthy Home Economist‘s healthy cold breakfast cereal
  • Getting into regularly making beef stock (already have the materials, just have to do it!) – procrastination reason: hate the smell of it boiling
  • Adding fermented veggies and condiments into our daily fare (made the whey, now just need the time to shop for the specifics and put it together)
  • Try milk and water kefir (grains in fridge, just need to give it a try!)
  • Try villi yogurt (culture on order now!)
  • Incorporate a grass-fed beef liver dish into our weekly menu (a lofty goal, for sure, as I can’t even tolerate the taste enough to eat it once a month!)
  • Try making some of the snacks in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, including crispy nuts – procrastination reason: haven’t had an oven thus far that could operate on such a low setting…no excuse anymore as I think my new one will
  • Start making homemade ice cream
  • Start doubling recipes I make, and freezing extra portions for quick meals
  • If I get that vita-mix, make my own sprouted nut butters, and juices, and make healthy homemade jello!
  • Find a way to take the FCLO in liquid form (wimpy capsules are expensive!)
  • Freeze small portions for food for fast meals/snacks for Naomi so we never feel tempted to give her a cracker

Next summer, I would like to:

  • Pick tons of berries from a good source and freeze them for smoothies year-round
  • Can a year’s worth of tomatoes
  • Make homemade jams/jellies etc. for toast

What am I missing?

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